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So Ive been offered a conditional job at Barclays - Cashier/Customer stuff - but now I have to wait around for like, a bazzilion background checks before I get a start date. They know my notice period at Sainsburys is 4 weeks, and I just really want them to get their arses in gear cuz I think another 4 weeks there might kill me :/ I hate it so much.


I finally caved and bought a PS3..

I got 4 games with it, Burnout Paradise, Tiger Woods, Fifa somethingotother, and Need for Speed bleh - Burnout is the only one I like, but I already have it on the Sexbox, haha.

So right yeah, literally the ONLY reason I forked out for this, was so I could play Tales of Graces f. Im such a sucker for the Tales games. Symphonia is still my favourite, mainly because it was the first one I played, but Graces is coming up a close third..after Vesperia, haha. Ive got Eternia and Abyss on the go as well. Mainly for when I cant get to the 360/PS3.

Havent really started Abyss yet, watched the intro and got all excited, but thats it really, lol. Looking forward to getting some face time in with that one though, since its the 3DS version.

But yeah, enjoying Graces. Im liking the slight change to the battle system. Makes combos much more fun. Everyone is knocking around lvl40 now, and it would seem everyone but Asbel has a mystic arte >.< Im shit with strategies and stuff, so I tend to just play and let things happen, but now I really want a mystic arte. They look cool. Not for any other reason. Just coolness.


Play the Tales games.

Olivier Progress


The wig came today, along with the bits I needed to finish making her sword and now Im SUPER EXCITED!! I'll attempt to take a not shit picture of the wig later. Right now its 7.55am and Ive just got home from work so I look super rough :D

Just waiting on the uniform now, which should be delivered any day now!

All I need to buy for her now is boots and coat. And I'll be heading into town later on today to see what I can find!

Heres a wip of the sword now:

The rose designs were a ball ache to draw on and actually get right. It looks like in all the refs of her I could find, they all look diferent!!

Its made from 6mm Plastazote and a metal rod. If all goes well and it turns out fab, I may look into selling a few copies for funsies :D

Sunday Night

I really cant be bothered to work tonight. After last night Im Fit. For. Shit.

Super busy. The amount of people that wanted room service between 1am and 3am was rediculous. And since its only me and one other guy working after 11pm, and he was on the bar, it was all up to me. As well as running reception and dealing with drunk guests and shit.

And the mess in the party suit was the worst Ive seen for a good long while. And because of the bar and room services and drunk people making noise, we didnt even get downstairs to start cleaning up til 3am, and it took us til 5/5.30am. Then I had to do all the Night Audit reports, post everything from the night bar and tidy up whilst Carl hoovered. 

Literally didnt even get a break last night. Was still doing things at 7am when the Day lot came in. 


HOPEFULLY, tonight shouldnt be too bad. Providing there arent a load of people in the bar after 11pm, we can just get on and do the important things, instead of spending all night waiting for people to leave the bar and go to bed.

We desperately need more staff on the nights team. Its coming up to christmas soon, so not only will we have Weddings and Conferences to set up, there'll be christmas partys every other night, including out head office that have decided to have thiers at our Hotel!! I dont know why, Im sure there are nice ones elsewhere.

I have a meeting on Thursday with the GM and HR girls, so theres alot of things Im going to bring up with them wihle Im there. I actually need to make a list up so I remember what it is I want to talk about, or Ill walk in and just be all 'EVERYTHING FINE' when clearly it is not.

And Im pushing myself to be extra awesome in an attempt to land me a supervisor role, since we have NO night manager or anything, someone needs to take up the extra responsibilty, and frankly, Im the best person for the job from the nights team. But its proper stressing me out atm. Literally cant say no to anything. Im working a day shift Thursday, after working a night shift. Ill be getting a couple of hours kip in somewhere. Hopefully there'll be a room free I can have or Ill be dead, and my meeting will go shit. Im doing some training on thursday as well,, but I dont actually know what training, its some kind of secret. I dont care as long as it is just training, and not me getting stuck on reception or in the resturant or something. 

I am not down with that yo'


Ugh, Ive just woken up with a BASTARD cold :( Seriously. Snot EVERYWHERE.

And I totally have to work tonight. Got one wedding to break down, and another one to set up. I'll see about getting pictures or something tonight, since Im pretty sure no one actually knows what it is I do for a living, lol.


And heres the Cactuar cake mentioned in a previous entry. Promised a picture, so here it is..

6 months late :/


So I dont think Ive used this thing since like, Febuary or something, and I was all:

'Hey, I should totally use it more! I can make it all pretty and shit and write meaningful things that I think about!!'

Then I realised that:

1) Im really lazy, so it'll almost definately just stay the same.

2) Im shit at writing.

3) I almost never think about anything deep or meaningful.

If I did use this on a regular basis, all I would do is bitch about things that Im pretty sure no one cares about, and talk about video games, whilst thinking Im super awesome at them, when really Im shit.


Oh I could talk about cosplay stuff. I suppose other people are interested in that..

So I'm working on three things for MCM in October now. But one of them probably wont get finished in time. Its kind of a super awesome dream cosplay of mine. 

Zora Armour Link from Twilight Princess

Ive gotten a few things done now, mostly just all base things that details need adding to. Im using some super pretty blue leather stuff. Its a bitch to sew, but its like the PERFECT shade of blue. Then I ran out, and just havent managed to get any more. Knowing my luck the place I got it from will never have it in again and it will be forever un-made.

I need to buy the sheet aluminium for the scales. THATS RIGHT. Actual metal scales. Not like, real chain mail, IM GOOD, but not that good :P

Second on the 'In Progress' list is:

Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Im being really lazy with this one, and the only thing for her Im making from scratch is her sword. Ive interwebzed everything else for her. Just waiting for it all to be delivered and shes mostly done.

Basic construction of her sword is done now. Just waiting for my lil' soldering iron to turn up and I can get on with those bastard roses >.< Then latexing, painting, and BAM! One super bitching sword.

Number three is a personal fave, and a gift for my boyfriend...if he behaves between now and then of course ¬_¬


From Wilfred.

Its a dog suit. Pattern has been ordered. Just need to find le fuuuuurrr.

So I guess that was a pretty sucessful Bloggy update ^_^

I could just talk about cosplay and shit all the time I guess. Or anything else really. Joy of a blog I 'spose.

P.S My spelling is probably shit, and Im not fixing it. Just attemped to use the spell check on this thing. I dont know what happened. In stead of fixing it for me, it just pointed them all out. Whats the use in that??

As previously stated:

I am Lazy

Cactuar Cake!!

I'm about to rock the world of cake lovers.. Well, in like, 3 days,  but I'm still really excited about it.


Its my boyfriends 30th birthday on Friday, Im throwing him a little party, and making a ridiculous cake.

He better love it.

Will post pics up of it when its done yo'.



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